7 Things You Can Do to Find a Good Dentist in Chicago IL


Whether you just moved to Chicago, or are unhappy with your current Chicago dentist, finding a new dentist is essential, because the health of your teeth is at stake. Ideally, seek out a full-service dentistry, so that in addition to standard cleanings and checkups, you can also consider improving the aesthetic appeal of your smile. Here are some things you can do to find a good dentist.

1. Get references from friends, relatives, neighbors, or colleagues. They might know of a good Dentist in Chicago IL. You can even ask a local pharmacist or your family physician for a referral.

2. Go to the dentist’s website, because you can check here for information about the dentist’s background and experience. You might also find testimonials, and before and after photos of past patients. Although it’s highly unlikely that the dentist will post negative testimonials and unflattering procedure results, it can still contribute to your peace of mind.

3. Determine whether the dentist takes your dental insurance. If you don’t have insurance, ask about the prices for various services. You can also check the dental facility’s website, because it might feature discount coupons or promos for certain procedures.

4. Visit the dental office to inquire about setting up an appointment. While you’re there, check out the front-office. Does it look organized and clean? Is the staff friendly and helpful? Is it easy to get an appointment?

5. Ask any questions you have regarding the services. If you’re dealing with a full-service dental facility, expect that they provide services, such as cleanings, fillings, bridges, crowns, veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants, bonding, and more.

6. Inquire about the hours of operation of the dental facility. Also, ask whether they offer emergency services on a walk-in basis. If you have young kids, ensure that the dentist is also able to provide pediatric dentistry services.

7. See whether the dentist pays attention to you during your first consultation. Does he take time to listen to you? Is he clearly explaining the procedures? Do you feel comfortable around him?

Overall, you should be able to form a relationship with the Dentist in Chicago IL. He should have a good chair-side manner, and make you feel at ease, even if you have to undergo an unpleasant procedure.