5 Tips on Outdoor Lighting for Patio and Deck Areas


Indoor lighting is not too difficult to figure out. It depends on the room and the kind of light you want to have. However, when you choose to light up the great outdoors an entire world of possibilities suddenly unfolds. This can sometimes be overwhelming, but relax. Here are 5 helpful tips to improve outdoor lighting for patio or deck guests.

1. Task Lighting

Don’t use flood lights for highlighting and task light. They may be too bright and uncomfortable to look at. Instead, opt for powerful but soft light which is directional and can be focused on one thing or area.

2. Steps

It is very important to have lights for deck stairs and landscape steps. One of the best choices involves solar powered light. There is no need to run wires which could be a tripping hazard if not properly installed. Solar step lights can be placed just about anywhere and if you need more light just install more fixtures.

3. Flood Lights

Flood lights make great outdoor lighting for patio areas that are large and spacious. This includes basketball and tennis courts. Consider LED flood lights because they use a great deal less power and they are safer. LED lights are cool the touch and your guests or visitors will not get burned if they accidentally come into contact with them.

4. Extension Cords

It’s not usually a good idea to use extension cords for a number of reasons. However, if you must, make sure to use the proper size cords and they must be rated for outdoor use. Outdoor cords cost more but are much safer.

5. Ambience

If you want to set a relaxed mood, consider jars with candles spaced strategically on the patio or deck. Candles can be the perfect addition to outdoor lighting for patio life in the outdoors.