5 Star Living with a Luxurious Manhattan Condo

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Real Estate

In Manhattan, new condos for sale come up all the time. Are you looking for one and yet not quite happy with the results that you have been getting so far? Well, maybe you are looking in the right direction. Unless you have a real estate agent with exceptional contacts and immense creative potential you may not get what you are looking for. First, because they have to be aware of more than the regular listings that come open in the market, and second because they have to understand clients like you and know that you won’t be happy with the mundane.

To do meet your needs they have to step out of their comfort zone as well. Your predicament is not new but the solution is definitely a novel one. For quite some time now there has been a general dissatisfaction for the NY real estate market despite its usual demands and turnouts. Even for those with high end budgets, the high end homes are hardly up to the mark. But finally the tide seems to be turning for elite new Yorkers who want a home with a difference. The new series of luxury homes launched will bridge this gap effortlessly.

Catering exclusively to Manhattan, new condos for sale under this category are luxury homes that offer a delightful mix of ornate and minimalism. Hitherto kept in relative exclusivity the new generation designers have created living spaces that are meant to impress but more than that offer a unique comfort factor as well. Their out of the box thinking have taken the regal beauty of the 18th century Europe and merged with the simplistic designs that dominate the 21st century mindset. The result is a series of breathtaking condo designs that New York hasn’t seen till date.

The idea has been to bridge the yawning gap between what was considered a luxury apartment and what the new age home owners here were looking at. It is no longer enough to offer a great apartment in a great location and expect New Yorkers to scramble for it like before. One has to step beyond the mundane and come up with living spaces that embody New York and meet the expectations of the new elite. If this is exactly what you have in mind work with your agent so that they know what you want. You need a condo that will be a living testament of your eclectic personality.

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