5 Signs You Need Gutter Replacement Near Fort Worth, TX

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When should you replace your gutters?

Copper gutters have a life span of around 50 years, and aluminum and steel gutters last for about 20 years. However, gutters can be damaged by hail, wind storms, flying debris, falling tree branches, and bumps from ladders. Some damage can be repaired, but more extensive damage requires replacement.

What are the signs that your gutters need to be replaced rather than repaired?

• Large numbers of nails or screws on the ground, broken fasteners, or places where your gutters are pulling away from the roof.While you can replace the fasteners, screws and nails, if the problem repeatedly recurs, it may men that either your gutters are starting to sag or that the fascia board is rotting because the gutter is not directing the water away from it. Replacement prevents further damage.

• Numerous rust spots, holes, or cracks in multiple sections of your gutters.You can sand and repaint less serious rust spots and use sealant or flashing to repair a few cracks or holes. If you have numerous holes, cracks, and rust spots, though, its best to replace your gutters.

• Gutter sections separating at the seams.You may be able to seal a few seams, but replacing standard gutters with seamless gutters eliminates separations.

• Eroded landscaping, pools of water, or water channels in the ground below your gutters. These are signs that rainwater is spilling over the edge of your gutters. The gutter may need cleaning, but it may be starting to sag, or it may have lost the proper pitch or slope. Replacing your gutters and adding a gutter protection system corrects sagging and pitch while preventing gutter clogs.

• Peeling or bubbled up paint, rotting exterior wood trim such as door jambs and window sills, and mildew or water in your basement. Bubbled up or peeling exterior paint has been exposed to moisture, possibly from leaks in your gutters. If the paint on the gutter is peeling or bubbled up, you definitely have a leak. If the problem has gone undetected, the exterior wood trim around your windows and doors may have begun to rot, or you may find mold or water leaks in previously dry walls in your home or basement. Replace your gutters to prevent even further, more expensive damage to your home.

Protect your home from more serious water damage, and watch for these signs that you need gutter replacement near Fort Worth TX.