5 Reasons To Hire A Wills Lawyer In Moline IL, Rather Than Creating A DIY Will

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Today, people can do just about everything on a computer. This includes writing a will. Before a person chooses to write a DIY will, they should understand the pitfalls associated with doing so. There are several reasons why they would be better off hiring a Wills Lawyer Moline IL.

Things Change Over Time

When a person creates a DIY will, they often list everything they own. If they were to leave certain items to certain people and they no longer own these items at the time of their death, it can cause issues. A lawyer will create clauses in the will that will cover things sold. Also, they can make updates if the individual has more assets than they had when they wrote the will.

Backup Plans

When a person creates a DIY will, they will need to choose an executor, beneficiaries, and guardians for the children. If any of the people chosen for those roles pass away or if they are unwilling to execute the wishes of the will’s writer, it can cause problems. A lawyer will make sure these things are prepared for by creating backup clauses in the will.

Clear Instructions

When it comes to creating a DIY will, the individual would need to be clear and concise. If they have never prepared a will before, the individual can easily make things more complicated. A lawyer will make sure that the individual’s wishes are clear and concise, ensuring the will is clear and executed properly.

Storing the Will

It is important that, when the will is written, it is stored in a safe place. If the will is stored in the home, it can easily get damaged or destroyed. It can also fall into the hands of the wrong person. The safest way to store a will is to leave it with the lawyer who prepared it.

Legal Formalities

There are many legal formalities that need to be addressed when creating a will. For example, a person cannot leave something to a family member if it is also owned by another person. If the person hires a lawyer, they can be sure everything in the will is legal.