If you want to have a stress-free local move, you need to choose the right moving company, or in particular, local movers. Fort Lauderdale is one of those cities that has several reliable local moving companies. If you don’t know the right way to choose, you could end up hiring a second-rate mover.

Ask These Questions
Here are four questions you need to ask local movers in Fort Lauderdale to determine their fitness for the job.

1. How many years have you been in this business?
The mover’s answer to this question will tell you if you can depend on the mover or not. Of course, the answer will also reveal their years of experience. But more importantly, you need to establish its reliability. If a company is able to stay in this business from 5 to 10 years that means it has been providing good customer service.

2. Do you have a list of customers I can call?
If a company has stayed long enough in this business, they have already amassed a list of satisfied customers. The moving company should be willing to provide you with such a list. If not, they are hiding something from you.

3. What about insurance?
A lot of things can happen to your stuff while they are in transit. If a moving company is reliable, it should be ready with an insurance contract that will cover for any damage (or loss) that can happen to your belongings.

4. Do you have a license?
You need to deal only with duly licensed, registered or accredited company. This piece of document is a proof of the company’s legitimacy and authority to offer its moving services to customers.

5. How much are your service charges?
After you have signified all your requirements, ask the moving company for a quote on the services that you specified. But you need to know the going rate. Therefore, it would be better to ask at least three companies for their quotes on the same types of moving services you will need.

Other Services
Moving things is not just the sole job of local movers. Moving companies in Fort Lauderdale also offer relevant services such as packing, floor planning, warehousing and storage and many more. You might need some of these relevant services as you proceed in planning your move.