4 Ways to Decide on HVAC Replacement or Repair

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If anyone has ever been forced to live without AC in the summer, they know how uncomfortable it can be. That’s why it is important to keep a home’s AC unit in good shape, so it doesn’t quit working when needed most. However, despite a homeowner’s best efforts at maintenance, the air conditioner may not get the job done. If a customer is undecided as to whether to fix or replace an ailing system, the guidelines below can help them make the right choice.

It Just Doesn’t Work Like it Used To

There are many reasons why AC units stop cooling properly, and some problems are easily resolved. When issues persist, even after repeated visits from a technician, replacement may be the right option. The cost of a new unit and installation will be lower than that of continual repairs.

The Unit is More than a Decade Old

Ten years is the average lifespan of a home HVAC unit. Even if it runs well, the homeowner should consider replacing it if it’s more than a decade old. Technology improves so much, so fast, that a new unit will undoubtedly be quieter, smoother and more eco-friendly. The reduction in energy use alone can justify the cost of HVAC Replacement in Arlington TX.

It’s Making Strange Noises

All those odd clicking, clacking, thumping and squeaking noises mean that something is wrong with the home’s AC. When the unit starts making an excessive amount of noise, there’s likely a problem that warrants replacement. By installing a new unit, the homeowner can save money and keep the family safer as well.

It Uses Freon

The government is phasing out the old R-22 refrigerant because of its negative effects on the earth’s ozone layer. The program began earlier in the 2000s, and homes with older AC units are overdue for a replacement.

Many customers may notice problems with the current AC unit, but they may not be sure whether it makes sense to buy a new model. With the help of the team at Williams Home Maintenance, Inc customers can decide whether HVAC Replacement is the right choice for the family and the home.