4 Things You Can Do with An OCR App

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If you’re not scanning your documents with an OCR app, then you’re missing out on a lot of benefits. Here are some of the best benefits that the technology has to offer and why you’ll want to start using this at work.

Eliminate Retyping

Imagine losing or accidentally erasing a digital file. If you have a hard copy of that—whether it’s an invoice or proposal—you can easily replace that by using OCR software. Just scan the file and the system will convert that into data.

Save on Space

With an OCR solution, you can say goodbye to all the hard copies of your files. Your team can start migrating to digital files. The app makes it easier to convert the data into a digital format. You and your team can now get rid of all the paper files, which should free up space whether in your home office or back at the corporate HQ.

Speedy Searches

The OCR technology allows you to use a scanned image to search through your database or online. By converting the scanned text into a word processing file, the software makes it so much more convenient and faster for you to find specific documents that use a certain keyword or phrase. That means you can go over hundreds of invoices for the name or account that you need and find it in a matter of minutes instead of having to manually search through the files. That saves you hours.

Edit Texts

You can edit the text of the scanned images with an OCR software. Just use a word processing program and you should be good to go. If you need to adjust the text, add something or remove anything or even correct inaccuracies, you’ll find it easy to do all that with the app.