4 Things Seniors Can Do to Make Sure They Take Their Pills on Time


Many seniors absolutely must remember to take pills on a daily basis in order to stay healthy. Unfortunately, it can be easy for seniors to forget their pills if they’re not careful.

Using an automatic pill dispenser is one great way that seniors can make sure they don’t forget to take their medications as necessary. However, there are numerous additional strategies seniors can use to prevent themselves from forgetting their pills.

  1. Always Taking Pills at the Same Time
    It’s helpful to schedule your pill taking time regularly. By always taking pills at the same time, you’ll naturally be inclined to think about your medicines at a certain time of day. This will help to prevent you from forgetting more and more over time.
  2. Set Out Notes as Reminders
    Leaving notes around will give you constant reminders that you need to take pills. It’s best to leave multiple notes in different places. This way, if you miss one of your written reminders, you’ll at least have the chance of noticing another one elsewhere so that you’ll minimize your chances of forgetting.
  3. Put a Reminder Alarm on a Phone
    Nowadays, many of us have smartphones. Smartphones can be set to let off multiple alarms throughout the day. In addition to setting off an alarm, it’s also possible to put some text on the alarm that will come up on your phone when the alarm goes off. You can add some text telling you to take your pills for the greatest alarm effectiveness.
  4. Place Your Pillbox in a Conspicuous Place
    You should put some thought into what spot would be best to store your automatic pill dispenser. You’ll be least likely to forget your pills if you put your dispenser in a conspicuous location so that you’re likely to notice it several times throughout the day and be reminded.