4 Signs You Have a Drinking Addiction


Admitting that you have a drinking problem is often the most difficult step. But once you do, it can help you get closer to recovery. If you are starting to encounter any of the following signs, then it’s time you looked for a rehab facility that treats alcoholism in Broward County.

You can’t seem to stop

A lot of alcoholics say they can stop drinking any time they want, in a bid to prove that they don’t have alcohol addiction. That denial is often one of the reasons why alcoholics take a long time to come to terms with their condition. If you keep saying you can stop, but actually try to and find yourself unable to manage it, then that’s a sign that your alcohol dependence is already an addiction, the GuideDoc says.

You hide it from loved ones

You think there is nothing wrong with your drinking habits, but you are starting to hide your use from friends and family. If you don’t want them to see you drinking, then you know there’s already something wrong. If you are resorting to secretive habits, then it may be time to pay a visit to an alcohol rehab in Broward County.

You have withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms only happen when you stop taking the substance after imbibing it for a long time. Many of the symptoms include fever, agitation, severe confusion and hallucinations. In case of extreme symptoms, though, you may experience seizures. If you are undergoing withdrawal, don’t go through it alone. Seek out professional help. A medically-assisted withdrawal process may be necessary to ensure your safety and improve your comfort.

You don’t care anymore

If nothing matters to you anymore—not your relationships, work, ambitions—other than drinking from the next bottle, then you’re addicted. Seek out help today.