4 Signs It’s Time to Retire Your Taekwondo Shoes


Frugality has its place. But you’ll need to know when to rein it in. If you’re the type to wait till until your shoes fall off your feet before you look for a replacement, you might be overusing your martial arts footwear beyond what’s wise. Here are a few signs it’s time to retire your old pair and shop for shiny, new taekwondo shoes:


Better health, confidence, discipline and self-defense—these are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy when you play Taekwondo, says AZCentral. And while it might be normal to feel a bit sore after every session, if your feet are constantly in pain, then it might be more of a case of wearing the wrong shoes. Try changing into a new pair. If the pain stops, then you know your problems were caused by wearing the wrong footwear.

Tight fit

Human feet grow in size every 7 years so your old footwear isn’t going to cut it forever. If you feel like your shoes make for too much of a tight fit, don’t force it, thinking you’ll only need to wear the shoes for a couple of hours. A tight fit—even for a few hours—can lead to a lot of feet problems and complications. It’s also going to compromise your performance so you’ll be much better off preventing all this from going for a new pair of shoes in the first place.

Twist test

Give your old pair the twist test. If the support in your shoe is broken, then that’s a clear sign that it’s time to buy yourself a new pair of taekwondo shoes.

Worn out treads

If the soles and treads of your shoes are worn thin, that’s a level of wear and tear that indicates you really need to buy new ones. Save those shoes for working on your lawn or garden and stop wearing them to your taekwondo sessions.