4 Reasons to Consider a Courthouse Wedding


Big weddings aren’t right for everyone. Here’s why you and your fiancé should consider a courthouse wedding in San Antonio:

It’s intimate

If planning for a reception that could cost you thousands doesn’t make sense to you, then a small intimate affair is a better option to go for. Tying the knot at the courthouse means you only need to invite a few witnesses to the event. Then you can invite all your friends and family—the ones who truly matter—to a reception. That’s better than having to shell out a lot of money for friends you ‘have to invite.

It’s budget friendly

Many couples start their married life with a ton of debt, trying to get their dream wedding. You won’t have to worry about that when you go for a courthouse wedding in San Antonio. You can use whatever funds you have instead on buying a home or putting up a business. That’s a better start to your married life.

It comes with a great venue

City Hall is typically located in historical sites. Many buildings demonstrate some of the best architecture in the state. You don’t have to go far and wide for your photos, says Woman Getting Married. Pose for a few shots out in the hallway, under great archways, vaulted ceilings and tall, wide windows. Just make sure you hire a great photographer. Exceptional ones have an eye and skill for turning ordinary-looking spots into great shots.

It’s flexible

While you can go on a fixed date, if that doesn’t work out or if weather conditions get in the way—or one of your guests are delayed for a day—you can simply go the next day. No need to mourn the fact that your best friend missed out on the ceremony. That’s the kind of flexibility you get with a courthouse wedding.