4 Questions To Ask When Seeking Commercial HVAC System Repair in Tampa FL

Heating and Air Conditioning

HVAC systems take yearly beatings during winter and summer due to harsh weather conditions. Often times, overworked HVAC units need some form of repair. Even though commercial HVAC systems are much more powerful and efficient at heating and cooling, they still suffer from wear and tear of parts. Repairs can be costly and, sometimes, it’s not just one problem. With the cost of labor and parts, it’s understandable the need to pick the best contractor with the most integrity. When seeking commercial HVAC system repair in Tampa FL, there are several questions that should be addressed by the HVAC specialist before they begin repairs.

1. Are They Officially Certified?

The first question that an HVAC specialist should answer is if they are certified by National American Technician Excellence. This certification requires individuals to pass a hands-on test to verify training. The NATE certificate is an industry standard for identifying trained HVAC technicians.

2. Are They Licensed?

Some municipalities do not allow businesses to operate without a license. Before hiring an HVAC technician, check to see the HVAC repair company is, indeed, licensed. HVAC unit repairs are expensive and should only be entrusted to licensed specialists. While this doesn’t guarantee the work performed, it does greatly decrease the chances of being victimized by an unskilled contractor.

3. Are They Bonded and Insured?

HVAC repairs are tricky, and protection against damages is necessary. Insurance protects the HVAC repair company from damages, and the bond is used to protect clients in case the repair company cannot or will not fulfill their part of the contract. Due to the nature of HVAC jobs and how expensive repairs can be, contractors without any type of protection should be avoided.

4. How Many Years of HVAC Experience Do They Have?

As with any occupation, experience is a great way to identify a skilled HVAC contractor. Depending on the HVAC issue at hand, a more seasoned professional would be better able to handle larger tasks and units. If going by experience doesn’t narrow down the list, consider using reviews as an indicator of the best contractor.

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