3M Structural Adhesive Tapes – Beneficial Characteristics

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Made from an acrylic polymer material that forms into a single substance, very high bonding (VHB tapes to not possess a separate backing, but rather made of a thick material that can bond to a number of different surfaces. These tapes are used for specific applications that necessitate permanent bonding. The bond becomes virtually indestructible after about three days. These tapes are used in applications involving construction, aerospace, furniture manufacturing, automotive products, outdoor signs, and more. 3M structural adhesive are form of high bonding tape.

Features of 3M VHB Structural Adhesive
3M structural adhesive VHB tape possesses a number of superb characteristics, including chemical resistance, strength, 100 percent closed cell construction, moisture resistance, and viscoelasticity. These characteristics allow manufacturers and designers to transform concepts into real-life solutions.

3M was responsible for introducing VHB tape into the market on a massive level. Beginning in the 1980s, engineers have used this tape for various bonding purposes, including ceiling of plastics and metals and other surfaces to improve durability, appearance, and increase productivity. These tapes possess greater strength than many other types of construction adhesives. For instance, this type of tape is used to hold aluminum trailer skins and also has been applied in the installation of glass panels on the exterior of hotels.

Some of the most important benefits provided by 3M structural adhesive tape include performance, appearance, and productivity.

3M structural adhesives have enough strength to service a substitute for a variety of different fasteners, including spot welds, screws, rivets, and liquid adhesives. They offer excellent performance and long-term strength and durability for both indoor and outdoor applications.

You can achieve a smooth, clean surface appearance to the application of 3M structural adhesive tape.

The ease-of-use and versatility, as well as the fast application offered by 3M VHB tapes allows for reduction in costs and increase productivity. This tape can also remove the need for the use of major equipment in certain cases.

A premier provider of structural adhesive skin help you achieve the solutions you need to the application of 3M structural adhesive tapes. Contact an experienced supplier of these products today to learn more about your options.