3 Ways to Use Sand in Port Orchard WA for Your Next Landscaping Project

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Sand tends to bring to mind a beautiful, warm beach in the middle of summer vacation. So it makes sense that most people don’t think about sand when it comes time to landscape their yards. However, there are all kinds of uses for sand in a backyard that can not only bring out the aesthetics, but also offer practical assistance with other landscaping elements.

The Beach Scene

Why not have a little slice of vacation right in your own backyard? If you plan to add any type of tropical plants to the area or you want the space to look like your own tropical oasis, an area of the yard covered in sand can help. Because it will probably come into contact with some of the other landscaping areas in the yard, make sure that you use something like pavers that will keep the sand in your beach area and not spread out over the rest of the yard.

The Play Area

Setting up a place for the kids to play is always a great idea. But, to be honest, they tend to be a little rough on the ground they tread on. Grass isn’t going to last the trampling of little feet. Hard surfaces don’t really break the falls that are sure to happen. Whether you create your own sandbox in one area of the yard or you plan to set up some type of playground equipment, Sand is a great idea. Again, it is important to set up a boundary that keeps the sand in a certain part of the yard.

The Japanese Garden

There are lots of different elements that make up a Japanese Garden, so you’ll need a lot more than just Sand in Port Orchard WA. While rocks, shrubs, and plants add to the overall aesthetic, the sand allows you to constantly change up the look of the space if you so desire. Once the sand and gravel have been mixed together, use a rake to create a pattern around the other elements in your space. You can rake straight lines or you can go with more traditional method that encourages rounded edges and curves to simulate the look of water as it flows or even the clouds in the sky.