3 Ways to Stop Teens from Drinking and Driving

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One of a parent’s worst nightmares is getting a call that their child has been in a drunk driving accident. However, the reality is that car crashes involving alcohol are the number one killers of teens, even with the ads advertising not drinking and driving airing on a daily basis. If your teen has been busted for drinking and driving, you need to contact a DWI defense lawyer right away, as you don’t want the charge to affect the rest of their live. You can also read on below for a few of the top ways to stop teens from drinking and driving to be revealed.

Set Clear, Firm Rules About Drinking

Studies have shown that teens whose parents are hands on when it comes to their driving and their lives are less likely to drink and drive or need the services of a DWI defense lawyer in their young lives. It is important to be strict without being guilty about being that way. Your being strict can possibly save the life of your child and other innocent people on the road.

Talk to Your Teen

Sit down and talk to your teen about your drinking and driving rules. Teens hate more than anything else to hear the words “Because I said so.” Don’t be that parent. Show your teen photos of accidents and make sure that they understand how final getting in a drunk driving crash can be for them and their friends.

Put it in Writing

You need to put your driving rules in writing for your kid to sign. Make sure that you make them read the contract completely and then sign it. There are contracts that you can get online to get your child to sign. Make it clear that drinking and driving can result in an automatic loss of your teen’s license. Make a deal with them. If they happen to drink and then call for a ride instead of driving, they can keep their license instead.

These are just a few of the ways to stop teens from drinking and driving. Make sure to talk to your teen, put the rules in contract form and lay down the rules firmly but fairly. For more information and to hire a DWI defense lawyer today, contact the professionals at Law offices of Michael Discioarro for answers to your questions.