3 Ways to Extend the Life of your Kitchen Sink in Ferndale WA


If you’ve had some trouble with your kitchen sink, then here are three ways you can get the most of its remaining life. It’s all about preventing an issue before it becomes a big problem.

Keep it Clean

Keeping your kitchen sink clean is more than just hygienic. Cleaning all the parts will make it easier for you to notice when something isn’t working right. Use a non-abrasive cloth with a mild cleaning agent to make your stainless steel shine. Use a soft cloth to clean under the sink and around the drains. The most important part of cleaning your sink is familiarizing yourself with what’s normal. That way you can easily spot a new stain that shouldn’t be there. Some homeowners might notice stains have made their way under the edges of the sink basin after a spill. This can deteriorate wood countertops severely over time. If you’ve experienced that, then you might want to consider having the edges of your sink water-sealed to prevent it from happening again.

Use Drain Cleaner Before A Clog

Store-bought drain cleaner isn’t always powerful enough to tackle a tough clog, but it works great as a preventative tool. Maintain your kitchen drainage pipes once every few months to break down any foreign materials that might be building up. This will ensure the cleanliness of your pipes, and it could prevent a major clog later on. Just follow the instructions on the product you choose. Be sure to pay close attention to all of the safe handling practices required.

Check for Leaks

You can easily check for a small drainage leak by opening the cabinet under your sink. Look for water stains, and keep an eye out for moisture damage. If you find any signs of water getting underneath your sink, then it’s a smart idea to call a Sinks Installation Ferndale WA professional. That’s often a sign that your drain pipes are damaged, and that’s the main cause for concern. It could be that something was spilled on your countertop, and it made its way through the cracks. You won’t know exactly how bad the situation is until you get it professionally inspected. If a homeowner decides to put it off for later, then they are far more likely to cause extensive damages to their home.

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