3 Uncommon Uses for Disinfecting Wipes to Help You Stay Healthier

Medical Equipment

There is a renewed interest in hygiene and protecting against the spread of bacteria as the result of the global pandemic. In addition to wearing masks and social distancing, another good practice is to buy wholesale disinfecting wipes and keep them with you. There are many ways that they will come in handy throughout each day, but here are a few specific uses for them.

Keep Your Phone Clean

Believe it or not, there are more germs and microbes on the surface of your phone than in your bathroom. A quick cleaning with a disinfectant wipe can help you remove most of those contaminants, which means you won’t be exposing your respiratory system to infection when you talk on the phone.

Wipe Before You Pump

Before you fill up your gas tank, take a few minutes to wipe the handle down with a disinfecting wipe. In addition to the dozens of people handling that gas pump throughout the day, the handle is exposed to birds and insects, which also carry disease-causing viruses. It will take just two seconds to wipe the handle down before you start pumping your gas.

Stay Safe on the Road

Whether you’re just going out to eat or taking a weekend road trip, there are countless ways that a box of wholesale disinfecting wipes can keep you healthy. Any common area will have handles, machines, and furnishings that people touch numerous times each day. As they do so, they’re spreading microbes, viruses, and germs that can be picked up by others who touch those same surfaces. For this reason, wiping down surfaces such as a keypad, door handle, or bathroom faucet handles ahead of time can help you protect yourself.

Bringing along a few extra disinfecting wipes is a good idea in any situation. It can help you stay safer from infection, while also offering a quick way to clean up an unexpected mess. As you go about your daily life, be aware of more ways you can use these handy products to stay clean and healthy.