3 Top Reasons To Purchase A Used Mobility Scooter


For many adult children in Ireland, helping their parents to stay in their homes or apartments and living an independent lifestyle is a priority. Ensuring they are safe in their residence with the ability to travel as they need can be a challenge.

A simple, convenient and affordable solution may be a used mobility scooter. These are lightweight, easy to operate mobility devices that can be used indoors or out for traveling short to moderate distances on most surfaces.

By choosing a used mobility scooter over a new model there is a significant cost saving, which may allow the family to upgrade to a model with more features and options. In choosing a highly rated supplier of used mobility equipment, the family has the peace of mind they are buying a quality scooter that comes with a comprehensive warranty.

Increasing Independence and Safety

There are three different sizing options in mobility scooters. These include small, medium and large sizes. Sizing is based on weight the scooter can carry as well as the height of the individual.
With the right size of scooter, individuals will be comfortable and safe in operation of the equipment. The scooter will also get an optimal range on the battery per charge cycle.

Ease of Operation and Control

A used mobility scooter is very easy to operate and control. Charging is a simple process of connecting the charger plug to the charging port and then plugging into any home wall socket.

Operating the scooter is very similar to steering and controlling a bicycle. These scooters are designed with a wide base of balance, eliminating any concern when turning or taking a corner.

True Versatility

There are different styles of scooters to consider. It is a good idea to see each of the models you are considering before making a choice. In Ireland, it is not uncommon to see three or four-wheeled scooters, both which offer versatility and options for different mobility requirements.