3 Tips for Cleaning Windows in Omaha

Windows and Doors

After pulling back the curtains, it can be devastating to discover that the windows are so dirty it is impossible to get a clear view of the outdoors! While cleaning them is a large task, it isn’t insurmountable. Here are three tips for cleaning Windows Omaha residents have neglected.

Consider the Options

There are lots of different products on the market that claim to make cleaning the windows simple. However, most people already have exactly what they need on hand. There are two easy methods for cleaning windows that deliver successful results:

After filling up a bucket with a small amount of dish soap and water, use a sponge to wipe down the window. When done, use a squeegee to remove the soapy water from the window, revealing a streak free, clean window.

Use regular glass cleaner and spray each window. Use a newspaper to dry the window, starting at the top left and working down to the bottom right.

Clean the Inside and the Outside

There’s no doubt cleaning the inside of the windows is easier. Unfortunately, overlooking the outside windows means that only half the work is done. In order to take in the views from the window clearly, both sides must be cleaned.

The procedure is the same for the inside and the outside of a home. Sometimes the windows can easily be removed and both sides can be cleaned. When the work is done, the windows are replaced. Homeowners with two or more stories should consider allowing a professional to take over on the higher windows in Omaha can’t reach.

Don’t Forget the Screens

Screens gather up dirt, debris, and in some cases, even bugs. While washing the outside windows, be sure to remove the screens and rinse them off. In some situations, the screens will need to be washed with soap to remove everything from the surface.

Removing screens gives a homeowner a great opportunity to look at the windows and their current condition. If scratches, cracks, or other damage is noticed in the glass or the frame, it is time to contact a company like Lastime Exteriors to get an estimate on replacement.