3 Things You’ll Find in A Spy Shop

Safety and Security

Just hearing the term “spy shop” is enough to fill you with intrigue, right? While many people equate spy technology with fictional equipment found only in the movies, a store advertising its services as a purveyor of similarly investigative wares isn’t necessarily a gimmick! In fact, some shops selling spy-related materials stock some incredibly high-end software and technology that might be impossible to find anywhere else.

Now, you may be wondering what in the world you can find in a Miami spy shop. The answers won’t take much secretive searching to find out—they’re right below!

  1. You might not have a specific use for thermal cameras, but it sure is cool to own one! Using the technology that you carry with you everywhere (yes, your smartphone), you can plug in a heat-sensing camera whenever you feel the need. Some of these cameras can detect sources of heat up to 900 feet away and even store these images on a MicroSD card!

  2. Recording equipment can be useful for a variety of purpose, some surreptitious and some more mundane. Remember to always investigate your local laws to ensure that you are obeying regulations in your area. In ten states, for example, it is illegal to record conversations unless both parties consent to the recording!

  3. On the other hand, maybe you feel like someone is listening to you or recording your private conversations. Perhaps you have reason to believe that you are being watched. Debugging equipment found in a Miami spy shop allows you to take control of your right to privacy. Handheld bug detectors are capable of sniffing out most bugging devices from a range as great as 35 feet.

The best part about a spy shop is that you never know what you might find! Even if you’re not looking for anything in particular, enjoy browsing wares you won’t have the opportunity to see anywhere else.