3 Smart Tips to Avoid Injuring Yourself While You’re Squatting


One of the most beneficial ways to gain muscle is by performing squats. However, this exercise is often one many people struggle to do properly. Here are three tips to follow if you’re new to squatting.

Practice Proper Form

You might feel excited to begin performing squats right away. However, it’s much more beneficial to learn proper form before you begin this exercise. If not, you might end up seriously injuring yourself. Another great way to stay safe while squatting is to use a mat that helps show you where your feet need to be.

Leave Your Ego at the Door

It’s understandable to want the sense of accomplishment that comes with squatting a considerable amount of weight. With that said, squatting with too much weight is extremely dangerous. If you want to avoid hurting yourself as well as a lot of embarrassment, stick with something you’re able to squat for at least three reps.

Always Have a Spotter

Another important tip to remember while squatting is to have a spotter. A spotter is someone who can help support the weight you’re holding, especially if you’re unable to keep moving it. If you don’t have a spotter, look for a gym with squat racks in Lee’s Summit. Squat racks lock in the bar, which helps you avoid falling over or straining yourself.

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