3 Signs You Should Consult an Austin Criminal Defense Attorney


Whether you’re facing misdemeanor or felony criminal charges, you will need to hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Austin. If you can plan ahead, knowing when to hire an attorney can save you some frustration and trouble. Knowing some common signs that you may be facing legal trouble will help you get the legal protection you need in time.

You Have Committed a Crime

If you have committed a crime, it’s safe to assume your activities will be discovered by law enforcement. You can prepare for that possibility by consulting an attorney at your earliest convenience. Even if you don’t hire the lawyer right away, an initial consultation can help you prepare for police interactions.

You Have Been Questioned

It’s normal to be questioned during a traffic stop, so you likely won’t require a lawyer’s help after such an encounter. However, if the police ask you to accompany them to the police station or question you in your home, this indicates that you’re a person of interest in a criminal matter. In that situation, you should decline to answer questions and contact a lawyer.

You Have Been Arrested

When you’re placed under arrest, you’re permitted to make one phone call. That phone call should be made to a criminal defense lawyer in Austin. Your attorney can help you notify your family and arrange for your bail to be paid. Your lawyer will also accompany you during police questioning to ensure your rights are protected. If you’re charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime, you can schedule a consultation with the Law Offices Of Jesse Hernandez today.