3 Signs You Need AC Repair in Columbia, SC

Heating and Air Conditioning

We are lucky enough to live in a time where just about every home has an HVAC system, making extreme temperature much more easy to handle. Here are 3 signs you need AC repair in Columbia, SC.

1. High Utility Bills

If you aren’t using the AC any more than usual but the bills are significantly higher, that’s a sign that your AC has to work a lot harder than it used to to keep your home the same temperature.

2. Weird Smells

Your AC should make make your air clean. After time, your AC can actually start growing microbial material that can be spread into your air. Not only does it smell, but it’s not great for your health, either. Clean the filter regularly to help prevent this. If the sell doesn’t go away, call for a professional cleaning.

3. Noisy

Your AC unit will make noise when it runs. However, it shouldn’t make so much noise that it’s overly distracting. If it seems louder than normal, there could be a reason for that. Call a professional to examine the issue.

4. Excessive Humidity

Your air conditioner shouldn’t put an excessive amount of water into the air. If you notice that the air in your home is more moist than normal, you should call someone to get it back to normal.

There’s no point in having a HVAC system that doesn’t work properly. When you notice a problem, cal for AC repair in Columbia. SC.