3 Signs That It’s Finally Time to Schedule Brake Service in Jacksonville

Auto Repair

When handling your car’s maintenance, the systems and components that affect safety should be a top priority. First among those systems are the brakes. Determining when you need brake service in Jacksonville, FL, will ensure that your car has the stopping power needed to avoid accidents. Whether you need new brake pads or more extensive work, addressing brake issues quickly will keep you and other drivers safe.

Clicking or Squealing Noises

Brake pads are made to warn drivers when they wear thin. A built-in metal tab serves as a wear indicator, emitting a squealing or screeching sound when it’s time for the pads to be replaced. While these sounds are concerning, clicking noises are less worrisome. Typically, a minor adjustment is all that’s required.

A Vibrating or Mushy Brake Pedal

A vehicle’s brake pedal may shake or vibrate beneath the foot when worn pads are overheated. If the brake pedal sinks to the floor when pressed, there may be air or moisture in the brake lines. In either case, it’s best to bring your car in for brake service in Jacksonville, FL.

Pulling to the Side

A vehicle that pulls to either side when braking may cause you to move out of your lane. If these issues aren’t resolved quickly, it puts additional strain on the car’s wheel bearing and steering rack, which may cause additional damage.

Schedule Brake Service Today

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