3 Signs A Huntsville Small Business Needs Outside Warehousing


Small businesses in the Huntsville area often start out with everything completed in-house. This is particularly true for retail and manufacturing or production businesses where starting small is a common practice.

However, as the business grows and the need for increased inventory, supply chain management, and storage space increases, turning to dependable, secure and professional outside warehousing services becomes a cost-effective choice.

By using an outside warehouse space, the small business owners can avoid the cost of having to build or rent a complete facility. This allows them to pay for what they need and increase space and services required as their business demands.

There are several signs a business should be aware of to indicate it is time for outside warehousing. By looking early when these issues are first detected, there will be no impact on the business, and the transition from internal to external warehouse support can be easily coordinated.

Lack of Storage Space in Current Facility

When the current business facility simply does not have the space to store inventory, products and raw or finished material it is time to look for a solution. By trying to use small storage, inventory can be easily lost or damaged, adding to the overall cost of the operation.

Challenges with Inventory Management

Even with computerized barcode scanning and asset tagging, inventory management is a problem in small spaces and with lack of staff to complete the necessary tasks. By using outside warehousing with adequate space and staff, your inventory management becomes more efficient and highly accurate.

Difficulties in Supply Chain Management

While many Huntsville businesses will have problems in receiving inventory, others will have challenges with deliveries to customers. By using an outside warehouse with delivery services, this additional task can be part of the services taken on by the warehouse, freeing up the business to focus on sales and customer support.