3 Reasons to Install Screen Porches in Waukesha, WI Homes

Construction and Maintenance

Although Waukesha new home designs no longer automatically include traditional porches, many homeowners eventually add the features. Screen porches in Waukesha WI are especially popular today for all the reasons that families have been enjoying them for decades. Screening guards against annoying insects and can increase the privacy of those sitting on porches. Most of all, screened can be used for a range of purposes that essentially extend a home’s living space.

The Outdoors Is More Fun Without Bugs

Many clients with traditional decks or original porches have them screened in order to create insect-free outdoor dining and playing areas. While cooking on a patio or deck barbecue is fun, it automatically includes a fair number of bugs. That is not only annoying, it can be unhealthy. Just adding screens eliminates all of those problems but does not interfere with outdoor views or cool breezes. Screen Porches in Waukesha WI also make it possible for residents to sleep, read, and play on porches without worrying about pests.

Screening Adds Instant Privacy

Residents who want to add a bit of privacy to homes also reach out to screening experts at sites like http://outdoorlivingunlimited.com and use the “Contact us” option to schedule work. Contractors offer a wide range of screening products in various colors. When installed on porches, they allow residents to take in the view while shielding them from prying eyes. Some clients add screens because their homes are close to others and they want to enjoy the outdoors without neighbors seeing their every move. Screening porches can also make it difficult for passersby to see anyone using the porches.

Screened Porches Increase Living Space

Adding screened porches to homes is also a quick way to transform an outdoor space into a stylish room. Contractors offer a range of good-looking screening options, including aluminum and fiberglass products in a range of colors. There are also pet resistant and sun control options. Once porches are screened, many homeowners use them for dining, napping and entertaining nearly year round.

Screened porches are popular because they add living space to homes and make it possible to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by insects. A screened porch can also add privacy and style.