3 Reasons a Vehicle’s Exhaust System May Need to Be Repaired


With lots of moving parts, a vehicle can be a complicated piece of machinery. Much like the human body, different systems work together in order to keep the car, truck, or SUV running. The Exhaust system specifically works to keep burnt gases away from the engine and away from the vehicle’s passengers. Without it, riding around could be an unpleasant experience. So when the system isn’t working properly, it is important to make sure that a professional takes a look as soon as possible. Here are three common problems that are often associated with the exhaust system.


It’s easy to suggest that only vehicles commonly found in colder temperatures suffer from rust. While it is true that salt in the road is often kicked up into the system causing rust, there are other reasons for this issue. If a vehicle is constantly making shorter trips, water vapor collects within the system. Then, if it doesn’t get hot enough to burn the water vapor off, the condensation begins to create problems from the inside out.

Bottoming Out the Vehicle

Ever heard a loud thud as the bottom pieces of a vehicle come into contact with the road, a parking guide, or even a curb? If rust is the number one enemy of the Exhaust system, objects that an exhaust pipe hits comes in at a close second. If this piece of equipment is damaged, it could end up affecting the vehicle’s exhaust flow. While it may not seem like a big deal right away, back pressure in the system could lead to lower performance.

Oxygen Sensor Issues

An oxygen sensor works to regulate the amount of oxygen and fuel that flows through the vehicle. If this is damaged, it can cause the vehicle to work incorrectly. This means that the emissions could be off and drivers could experience a decrease a vehicle’s performance. It can also lead to lower fuel economy. Over time, the final result could be a clog in the catalytic converter. When this happens, a customer is looking at a considerable bill in order to repair the vehicle.

At the first sign of a problem with the exhaust system, make sure to check out  or bring the vehicle in for an inspection. When it comes to your mode of transportation, it is always better to be safe than sorry. You can also follow them on Twitter.