3 Practical Tips for Teeth Whitening From an Emergency Dentist in Bethlehem


Teeth whitening is one of the most common areas of dental care. For many people, it is all about presentation. They have a beautiful smile, but do they have healthy gums and teeth? This is not a completely ill-conceived leap in logic. White teeth definitely shows that an individual takes care of their teeth, but it is not the ultimate reason to believe in a healthy mouth. It is always important to not just focus on the cosmetic but the practical. If it looks nice, it should be maintained. With that said, there are at least three practical tips for using teeth whitening, whether from over the counter or through a professional service.

1. Tooth Sensitivity Matters

Remember the adage of ‘if it hurts, it is the body trying to say something.’ If the teeth tingle oddly or any pain occurs, teeth whitening is not practical and not in the future. The bottom line is that some people are extremely sensitive to teeth whitening treatments. The answer? Don’t do it. If it must be done, do it in the professional confines of the dentist’s chair.

2. Use in Moderation

This is so straightforward, it should not even be said. Teeth whitening with an Emergency Dentist in Bethlehem should never be used continuously without steady breaks. For one, it is expensive. On a more practical level, an individual is exposing their teeth to harsh chemicals. If this is needed to sustain a white smile, perhaps it is time to find a new method, such as through the supervision at a Emergency Dentist in Bethlehem.

3. Gum Disease? Stay Away!

If an individual has gum disease diagnosed from an Emergency Dentist in Bethlehem, they should stay away from almost all methods of teeth whitening. The reasons are blatant. The chemicals in teeth whitening, such as peroxide and bleach, could only enhance present infections. Teeth whitening can accentuate gum degradation.

Always consult with a dentist to assess if any alternative methods can be applied, and commit to them in the dentist’s chair. Maintaining a great smile can be easy, but the above considerations make it a little tricky. Fortunately, they also make the practice a whole lot safer.