3 Physiotherapy Facts


There are many ways to treat aches, pains and discomfort including invasive and non-invasive. For those who are seeking non-invasive treatments, holistic approaches are available. Sherwood Park Physio offers a menu of physiotherapy treatments that help patients achieve a pain-free lifestyle.

Here are three physiotherapy facts to consider.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the medical discipline that treats disease, injury, or deformity with the use of physical methods. Each physiotherapist puts his own unique touch to treatment, but generally, it includes massage, heat and exercise. A physiotherapist will not utilize surgery or drugs. If you are experiencing a sprain, back pain or arthritis, you may be referred to this specialist. If you are someone who requires rehabilitation after surgery, you may also be referred to this specialist.

What is Physiotherapy Treatment?

When you are referred to a physiotherapist, the medical professional will assess your current condition. He also takes into consideration your circumstances. Based on his findings, he develops a plan that aims to get you to a pain-free state that could include massage therapy, orthopaedic services and shockwave therapy. Patients who have experienced a nervous system injury may be given neurorehabilitation while those who cannot walk independently, may be recommended Bioness L300 and H200.


When a patient undergoes physiotherapy, the physiotherapist will also educate his patients. If you can gain an understanding of the treatments, your condition and why the combination of the two will help you become pain-free, you are more likely to be compliant. You may also be given instructions on how to continue your treatment at home. Education can help you keep a positive attitude, which goes a long away during difficult times.

Emerald Hills Physio offers several physiotherapy treatments including massages, heat treatments and exercise in order to achieve a pain-free state.