3 Must-Buys for Curly Hair: Shampoo, Oil, and Conditioner for Wavy Hair

Hair Care

Frustration isn’t far behind when shopping for products to style your naturally curly or kinky hair. While many brands promise volume, moisture definition, the reality is that most hair care products fall flat for naturals.

Keep your curls at an all-time high by buying the right products. If you’re on the hunt for the best curls of your life, look out for the following qualities when shopping for products

1. Cleansing and Moisturizing Shampoo

When it comes to curls, keeping the moisture in makes a huge difference. While the level of dryness differs with each head, curly hair fares better with shampoo that isn’t excessively drying. Search for shampoos filled with essential oils that are designed to reduce frizz and add in more moisture.

Likewise, keep in mind that while curly hair needs added oils, there may come a time when clarifying shampoo is needed for a deep clean. This type of shampoo will give your scalp and hair a fresh start from excessive product build-up.

2. Moisturizing Oil

Oil is a must for anyone with kinks and curls. As curlier hair is naturally drier than other hair, adding moisture via oil is essential.

When searching for the right oil for your hair, it’s important to find one high in vitamin E and that will seal the moisture in without weighing it down. Consider jojoba, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and Jamaican black castor oil.

3. Light-Weight Conditioner

Shopping for conditioner for wavy hair? When it comes to conditioning curls, it’s important to find products that will prevent flyaways, promote curl definition, and add in an extra pinch of moisture. Additionally, the best conditioner for wavy Tresses Hair doubles acts as a leave-in, giving you healthy, moisture-filled curls that last all day. Learn more about products for natural hair from texturemyway.com