3 Maintenance Tips from a Dock Building Contractor in Charlotte County FL

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When it comes to the maintenance of your property, you may forget that your dock requires regular upkeep as well. With all the foot and boat traffic that your boat dock sees, it’s important to make sure your dock is in good condition by performing regular maintenance.

Not sure how to maintain your dock? Read on for three important tips from a dock building contractor.

Consider the Materials

One of the first aspects of both maintenances to consider is the material that your dock is built from. Popular materials for docks include pressure-treated wood, composite decking, and hardwood lumber.

An expert dock building contractor in Charlotte County, FL, recommends sealing a dock made with pressure-treated wood to prevent rot and moisture. Similarly, with hardwood docks, it’s important to oil and clean the surface frequently. With composite decking, regular cleaning is typically all that’s required for maintenance.

Clean Your Dock

One of the most effective ways to make sure your dock is in working condition is to clean it annually. This once-a-year cleaning should be a deep clean where you clear out all gaps, scrub stains away, and check the dock for any signs of damage.

It’s best to avoid pressure washing the dock as this can damage the material.

Remember Sanding and Staining

Once your dock is clean, don’t forget the finishing touches. Sanding is essential to smooth out the surface from your vigorous cleaning. Additionally, it’s recommended to restain your dock after your annual cleaning.

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