3 Learning Resources Provided by the Zachor Holocaust Foundation.

Careers And Education

The Holocaust remains one of the most tragic events in human history. With that said, it’s still important to learn about this event from those who experienced it. Here are three different learning resources offered by the Holocaust center.

Survivor Testimonials

The Zachor Holocaust Remembrance Foundation features a video library of firsthand accounts of the events that took place during the Holocaust. Hearing about the events that took place directly from a survivor provides a unique perspective and leaves a lasting impression on all who listen.

Holocaust Timeline

The events of the Holocaust did not just begin when the first concentration camp was opened. There were years of conflict and oppression leading up to the darkest time in the world’s history. Explore the holocaust center’s timeline and learn about all the events leading up to, during, and post-World War 2 that affected people across the globe.

ZHC learning curriculum

Zachor Holocaust Remembrance foundation newly created and released the first ever learning curriculum created by a survivor. This free learning program was designed with educators in mind and follows the experiences of Ben Lesser. Featuring 7 lesson plans, videos, photo galleries and more. Visit the holocaust center’s website for access to the full materials.

If you would like to learn more about the ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation, visit www.zachorfoundation.org.