3 Most Common Commercial Roof Restoration Techniques You Should Know About


The rate at which your roof demands repair will most likely depend on how well you maintain it. After a series of repairs, you might consider the cost of repair and opt to invest once and for all in a new roof. However, a new roof may be very expensive, and not all can afford it. That is why as an alternative to roof replacement, one can opt to have a Commercial Roofing Restoration instead. Below are some of the methods used in roof restoration.


All roofs get dirty and cleaning becomes an essential restorative technique. However, the cleaning method you use will depend on the type of material your roof is made of. For instance, when cleaning a wooden roof, you should never use a pressure washer. This will do more harm than good on the roof. Instead, use one part water and one part bleach on the wooden roof and use a stiff brush to properly clean off the dirt.Pressure washer is best for such other roofs as metal ones as it cannot damage them.

While cleaning the roof, ensure that all the debris, mold, mildew and all the dirt are cleaned out. Make sure that you clean the gutters to avoid stagnating water and improper drainage.

Repairing leaky roofs

If you want to restore leaky roofs, among the best methods is restorative coating. Restorative coating is used when the roof is leaky or when it is almost becoming one. Metal Roofs and asphalt roofs are best restored for leaks using these coatings. Different steps and coatings are applied on roofs depending on the roofs material. For instance, if you want to restore a leaky asphalt roof, a coal tar based adhesive is applied to prevent the development of more leaks.

Replacing damaged roof

With shingles roofing, you do not have to budget for the entire roof when only part of it is damaged. You can restore a shingles roof back to its good condition by replacing the affected shingles. Missing, brittle, loose, curled. Buckled, broken and worn out shingles must all be replaced.

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