3 Best Practices for Developing Your Next Sales Presentation


Do you want to be a top closer in your industry? If that’s your goal, you must learn how to create effective sales presentations.

A big mistake that many sales people make is they don’t present their products effectively. They arrive at sales meetings without an agenda or specific outcome in mind.

At The Sales Coaching Institute, we have over 25 years of sales presentation skills coaching experience. Here are a few best practices you should know.

Effective is better than perfect.
Perfection doesn’t exist. Whether you’re writing a book or making your favorite meal, there’s always a way to improve it. Resist the urge to pursue perfection. Instead of striving for a perfect presentation, you should design an effective one.

Get to know your prospects before the presentation.
As a sales professional, your goal is to provide a solution to a problem. If you don’t know anything about your prospects’ problems, how can you help them? Before your presentation, take a few minutes to allow your prospects to discuss their concerns. Ask questions so you can get to know your prospects.

Highlight the product features that will benefit each customer.
Let’s say you’re an auto salesperson in Los Angeles. A customer comes into the dealership to buy an SUV. Instead of telling the customer about the great ways the SUV handles the snow, tell them about features that will benefit them in the Los Angeles area such as traffic monitoring systems.

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