3 Advantages To Embroidered Shirts For Employees Of Orange County Companies


In any Orange County company where employees and managers will be working directly with the public, having a dress code in place will be a must. Enforcing the dress code can become a constant source of problems for many businesses, particularly when employees are not provided with company approved shirts, pants, shorts and other items.

One simple option is to develop a company uniform that includes embroidered shirts, specific choices in dress pants, shorts and other clothing items as needed. By limiting the choice to those approved by management, enforcement of the dress code ceases to be a constant problem for supervisors.

The Embroidery Difference

While it is possible to have well-designed and beautiful looking printed shirts, they don’t have the durability and the long life of quality embroidered shirts. If employees are expected to buy their own clothing from the company approved options, it makes sense to choose a style that will be a good investment and look professional for a longer period of time.

New embroidery technology using computers allows for complex and detailed logos, corporate branding as well as personalized information on the shirts. By having names of employees embroidered on the shirts the company can also cut the costs of nametags, which is a cost savings consideration.

Styles and Options

While the weather is generally warm throughout the year in Orange County, but it is always nice to have a selection of different styles of shirts. This will also be a factor to consider if your employees are working exclusively indoors, outdoors or if they are working in both environments.

For summer and warmer days throughout the year, polo shirts are a great choice. On cooler to cold fall and winter days, long sleeved shirts including dress shirts, long sleeve crew neck tee shirts and even jackets with the corporate logo are all great ideas.