2 Reasons To Acquire and Use Post Bracket Safety Caps at a Job Site


Are you in charge of ensuring contractor safety at a particular construction site? Have you provided your employees with all the necessary safety gear like hard hats and gloves but feel like something is missing? Have you done a walkthrough and are still unsure about the additional safety precautions you should implement to maintain compliance? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then here are two reasons why you should acquire and start using post bracket safety covers at the construction site.

Maintain Compliance

One reason why you should procure and utilize post bracket safety covers is to ensure the construction site and your company meets and maintains compliance. Per OSHA Standard 1926.701(b), protruding steel shall be guarded to reduce or prevent the risk of impalement. Per this mandate, placing safety covers on post brackets will be advantageous.

Prevent Serious Injuries and Damage

Another reason why you should acquire and start using post bracket safety covers at the construction site is to not only prevent serious injuries from occurring but to also prevent damaging pertinent construction material and equipment. Safety caps act as a safeguard, furthering contractor safety while also protecting construction equipment and materials.

Where to Buy Top-Quality Safety Caps

Perhaps you are convinced and are now searching for the best safety caps to cover a series of 4×4 post brackets at your construction site. Contact J-CAT Safety Products, INC. They offer a wide variety of safety cap sizes and understand your safety needs. So, when searching for a company that offers high-quality safety caps to fit the 4×4 post brackets at your site, they are the ones you should contact.