2 Key Signs That It’s Time to Repair Or Replace Your Commercial Roof

Roofing Contractor

The roof that covers your store, office, or other place of business is important. It protects valuable equipment, inventory, and ensures that your employees have a reasonably protected place to work. If you notice that something is not quite right with the roof, it’s time to call a professional in commercial roofing St. Augustine and find out if the roof needs a repair or a replacement. Here are two common signs that indicate you need to make that call today.

The Roof Is Leaking

A leaking roof triggers a lot of problems. You don’t need rain water getting on your factory equipment. It also can damage your raw materials or finished goods, something that will cost a lot of money to replace. Fortunately, those leaks in the commercial roofing St. Augustine might be easy for a professional to repair. Assuming the roof is in otherwise good shape, it could only take a day or two to take care of everything.

You Notice Some Blistering

While checking the HVAC equipment found on the roof, it was obvious that the commercial roofing St. Augustine is blistering in some spots. While there are no apparent leaks currently, it’s just a matter of time before some serious issues develop. The best move is to have a professional evaluate the extent of the blistering and offer solutions. Once you settle on the right type of repair or replacement, the professional will get right to work.

Remember that the roof on your place of business is important in more than one way. When you see any issues developing, call a professional roofing service and have it checked. Doing so makes it easier to resolve issues before they have the chance to do much damage or turn into major problems.