2 Facts About the Eastern European Holocaust and Where to Learn More

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One of the most horrific events that occurred in history was the Holocaust. The Nazis began their reign of terror and hate in 1933 with the first large-scale murdering of Jews occurring in Poland in 1939. Survivors of the Holocaust are eternally scarred from the tragedies and atrocities that happened to them during that appalling time in history. To this, the Hebrew word “zachor,” meaning remember or remembrance, is the very word that empowers people throughout the world to always remember those who have perished as a result of extreme hate. Here are two facts about the Holocaust and how you can teach generations to come to always remember.


Eastern Europe, rather the tragedies that occurred in Eastern Europe, is considered to be the “template” for Hitler’s first example of mass genocide. Over 90% of the Jewish population in Poland were murdered at several camps constructed by Nazi Germany.


The second fact about the Eastern European Holocaust is that only a small percentage of Polish Jews survived World War II within the Soviet Union or German-occupied Poland. The total number of survivors amounted to only about 350,000.

Learn More, Always Remember

Perhaps you would like to teach your children and children’s children about the Holocaust through first-person accounts. One of the few survivors of the Eastern European Holocaust is Ben Lesser. He is the founder of zachorlearn.org and has created this organization to educate all members of the human race about the Holocaust through his experiences. So, when searching for an organization to help educate your family and future generations of your family about the Holocaust, Ben Lesser and his organization is who you should learn from. Call or visit https://zachorlearn.org today.