14′ Ford Cube Truck Rental Helps People Transport Their Largest Furniture and Other Belongings

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People who are planning to move from one residence to another have several options for accomplishing this. Many decide on a 14′ Ford Cube Truck Rental so they can complete the project on their own without having to pay professional movers. This size of a rental truck allows them to transport large furniture and all their other belongings in one trip.

The Big Couch

In some instances, people move into a different apartment and don’t take into account the difficulty of getting their belongings into that new place. This tends to happen to men and women who aren’t that experienced with moving. Having to transport a long couch up a flight of stairs and around a sharp corner might actually be impossible. If it has legs, those can be removed in the effort to make it fit. Fortunately, a 14′ Ford Cube Truck Rental does not cause problems with moving this kind of furniture.

The Upright Piano

Another possession that can be exceptionally heavy is an upright piano. It’s possible to transport a piano in a pickup truck without a cap, but generally inadvisable. There’s no protection against the elements or flying debris, and the piano is vulnerable to tipping. Inside a cube truck, it’s fully protected and can be better secured.

Getting Things Through the Doorways

Sometimes a piece of furniture will not fit through a narrow doorway inside the apartment or house. A dining room table is an example. It might fit, however, if the doorjambs are removed. Sometimes removing a door also makes the difference. Again, getting the table into a cube truck should not be a problem.

The Number of Belongings

The number of belongings to be moved is another factor when deciding whether this truck will be suitable or whether a bigger one is necessary. The people might realize they can fit the big couch, the upright piano, the dining room table and chairs, and the other furniture inside. But what about all the boxes of books, the containers of linens and everything else they want to bring along? Figuring this out can be done with the help of a company such as C.C. Rental, with the website Ccrentalnyc.com. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!