Enjoy a Little Cool Comfort With the Help of an AC Contractor Colorado Springs

Heating and Air Conditioning

Today’s methods of air conditioning or cooling a home or business can vary from simple portable units that fit in a window to complex air conditioners that are mounted on the roof of high rise buildings. Heat removal systems can include central air conditioners which are usually part of an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioner) system or heat pumps units that cycle heat in or out of an area as required for controlling the temperature. To keep these systems working properly the AC Contractor needs a lot of knowledge in several different systems.

The AC Contractor Colorado Springs will work in a variety of environments throughout their career. They may be installing commercial systems on a high rise office one week and replacing an old HVAC in your home on the next. Their jobs can include the repair of failing air conditioners, furnaces and other comfort appliances as well as the installation of new ones. A/C installation can be done in both existing homes and new construction, although the amount of work required will usually be less when the installation is for a new building.

One of the most important functions your AC Contractor Colorado Springs can perform is the routine maintenance your air conditioner should have on a yearly basis. By having the system checked you can ensure the refrigerant is properly charged, the fan systems are functioning as designed and the thermostat operates as required. These can be the most important areas for keeping your air conditioning system operating as efficiently as possible. For example, if the refrigerant is low the A/C can’t move enough heat from the building which makes the unit work harder.

Determining if your system is beyond help is another important job for A/C contractors. Air conditioners can generally be repaired for many years, but eventually the parts for older systems become more expensive and harder to get. After a while it is usually better to replace the HVAC instead of continually replacing those parts that are failing. This is where an expert contractor like Parkey’s Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning can help. Using such an expert is the best way to save money on your replacement air conditioning system.