Tips to Make Day Care in Vista CA More Comfortable for Your Toddler


Unfortunately, the way the economy is today, it is difficult and possibly impossible to support a family on a single income. Most families are dual income families and rely on having a Day Care in Vista CA to take their children to each day. If your toddler is just about to start day care for the first time, there are a few things that you can do to make the day go a little smoother.

Find a day care center that you are comfortable with. Children can feel when their parents are anxious. If you do not feel completely confident in the care center where you will drop your child off, your child will know that you are uncomfortable with it. Take your time to find the day care in Vista CA that you are completely confident in the skill of the caregivers and the cleanliness and safety of the establishment.

Read stories with your toddler about day care. Show your toddler just how fun going to day care can be. Giving them an idea of what to expect from their first day will help ease the tension when you go to drop him or her off. Kids like to put themselves into the stories that you read to them. Pick a few different books that show all sorts of activities that they will have to do in day care.

Schedule some time at the day care ahead of time so that you can take your toddler in to see the place. Spend a little time showing your toddler the different toys, play centers, outdoor play stuff and other kids that he or she will get to play with. This could go a long way in the first day tension that you both feel.

Most day car centers allow, or recommend that you send a security item from home with your son or daughter. A favorite blanket or teddy bear can go a long way in helping calm your toddler’s nerves and making him or her more comfortable.

Talk with the staff at Peppertree Montessori about other ways to make your toddler feel more comfortable while in day care.