Improved Techniques For Pet Surgery In Sewell


Pets are part of the family and contract illnesses like people. Pet owners demand the best care for their animals and do not mind spending the money. Fortunately, technological advances make it possible for vets to handle major pet illnesses. Amazingly, vets are able to treat everything from skin problems to internal injuries.

The best vets perform dermatological services because animals commonly have needs in that area. Vets treat common conditions, including:

  • bacterial skin infections (pyoderma)
  • fungus/yeast infections
  • food allergies
  • auto-immune skin disease

If a dog has pimples and red skin, it could have pyoderma. Pyoderma stems from other conditions such as immune-system problems. Treatment includes antibiotics and prescribed shampoo. Sometimes, the vet may prescribe whirlpool therapy for serious cases.

Pet Surgery in Sewell area and across the country has advanced dramatically in recent years. Veterinarians use special surgical suites that are similar to what humans use. Nurses receive special training in order to keep pets as comfortable as possible when they are sick. All surgical patients receive state of the art anesthesia, constant blood pressure checks, ECG readings and temperature monitoring. Veterinarians perform general soft tissue Pet Surgery and orthopedic surgery. General soft tissue surgeries include:

  • stomach surgery
  • thoracic surgery
  • treatment of wounds
  • mass and tumor removal

Orthopedic surgeries include:

  • ligament surgery
  • trauma surgery
  • surgery to correct birth defects

One of the newest techniques for Pet Surgery in Sewell is cold compression therapy. This therapy is similar to the concept of putting ice on a wound to help pain and swelling. However, the vet uses a new product called GameReady. It uses NASA spacesuit technology to provide compression and cold therapy in one system. Scientists say the system provides greater relief than plain bandaging. Patients heal quicker and get back to a normal range of motion in 24 hours.

In addition, laser therapy is used to speed circulation and healing. Lasers are used on different parts of the animal’s body to bring more water, oxygen and nutrients to that area. The therapy helps burns, wounds, and arthritic conditions. Individuals bond with their pets and want to keep them around for a long time. Veterinary medicine makes this possible.