If You Suffer from Prescription Drug Addiction There is a Solution for You

Drug Addiction

Have you been injured and now find yourself addicted to your prescription medication? From Opioids to sedatives, over 15 million people suffer from an addiction to pills they have been prescribed by their physician. If you or someone you know has a problem with abusing prescription medication should seek professional help to aid in breaking the cycle of their addiction. You can begin your road to recovery today by searching Malibu for a drug addiction treatment program. At Serenity Malibu, their team of experts that know each case is unique. They understand that everyone will not respond the same way when they try to stop their chemical dependency. Some individuals have a minor addiction to pills while others have a more severe addiction that can require them to be hospitalized while they are recovering.

What is Prescription Drug Abuse?

If you take any prescription medication in any way than what the medication was prescribed for constitutes abuse. People often will become addicted to the way the drug makes them feel while they are taking them. Once they begin abusing the medication, it can become a very hard cycle to break requiring them to seek professional help. If you have begun to take a larger dose of the medication than you are supposed to, this one sign you are addicted. Other signs are having irregular mood swings, you may feel irritable when not using them, or you try to receive prescriptions from more than one doctor.

It can be dangerous to take large doses of the prescription or mix them with other drugs or alcohol, this can lead to a possible overdose.

Receive Care from a Center that Treats You as a Whole and not Just Your Addiction

While some clinics focus on treating the chemical dependency at Serenity Malibu, their staff understands in order for you to be successful they need to treat you both body and mind. This qualified medical team will take the time to do a full medical assessment to discover if there are other underlying issues that lead to your drug use. People often will begin to use drugs as a coping mechanism for other health issues, such as depression, eating, or bipolar disorders. While you are in the care of their qualified staff, they will not only treat your addiction. They will work as a team to help heal you mind, body, and spirit.

Are you searching Malibu for a drug addiction treatment at a world-class facility? Serenity Malibu offers you a place to overcome your addiction in a beautiful surrounding.

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