How Custody Lawyers In Columbus, OH Can Help

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682376_mThe state of Ohio upholds the right to make determinations about child custody to reflect the best interests of the child. This implies that the presiding judge in a divorce trial or child custody hearing will review all factors before rending a final judgment. Initial considerations are the relationship the child has with each parent and extended family that may reside in the home of each parent. He or she also discusses the child’s wishes.

Further Evaluations for Child Custody

The mental health of each parent is reviewed to determine whether issues may arise that pose a risk to the child. In cases where a protection order was rendered in the divorce, the judge may require a psychiatric evaluation of the parent who was listed as the offender. If the cause for the order related to domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse, or child abuse these factors are further examined and may require proof of rehabilitation or supervised visitation. Any individual who is seeking sole custody after abuse should discuss their case with Custody Lawyers in Columbus OH.

The judge additionally establishes which parent is more likely to comply with visitation and custody arrangements. The demeanor of each parent is taken into consideration. For instance, the parent who shows signs that they will not hinder the child’s relationship with their former spouse may be favored due to the higher probability of a non-hostile environment.

Shared Custody

Parents who wish to share custody of their child are required to work together to raise and finance the child. Among the factors that a judge considers with this form of custody is the living arrangements that are best for the child. This form of custody, typically, determines which parent the child will live with most often.

The primary custodial parent may receive child-support payments based on their ability to support the child, and the required percentage of their former spouse’s income reserved for this purpose. The judge also makes provisions concerning insurance coverage for the child and which parent is responsible for paying these premiums. Custody Lawyers in Columbus OH can assist parents with a further understanding of these procedures; Richard L Morris Co. L.P.A. is a child custody attorney which can help.