Your Waste Disposal Hertfordshire Supplier Offers Information About Skip Size Considerations


If you have never hired the services of skip rental, then finding the right size disposal unit might seem confusing. The size of the skip is usually referred to in cubic yardage. The majority of companies recommend that customers choose a slightly larger bin than what they think they need. This is a more affordable option than having to hire a second skip if required later. A waste disposal Hertfordshire firm can advise you on selecting the appropriate size for your project.

Waste Limit

Keep in mind it’s illegal to load a skip beyond its capacity. The customer is charged for removal of excess waste and for an additional unit if needed. Therefore, be realistic and carefully calculate the necessary space on your site for a skip that is large enough. Additionally, ensure that you have the right access on your property for a delivery vehicle to come and go. These vehicles are usually quite large and need sufficient room to safely maneuver.

Rental Fees

The cost of hiring a skip depends on several factors including your location and skip size. Larger industrial sized units are the most expensive. These are primarily used for major construction and renovation projects. The majority of homeowners opt for a smaller to mid-size container. Most suppliers are able to deliver the unit within a day providing a permanent isn’t required. It can be more difficult to get a rental on a weekend or holiday so always plan ahead. The standard hire period can vary with each waste disposal Hertfordshire supplier.

Positioning the Skip

When possible, the skip is typically positioned on the customer’s driveway. Make certain you have the necessary dimensions when determining the size of unit to hire. Other considerations include manhole covers and hanging branches, or anything else that can make access difficult. If the skip is placed on your private property then a permit isn’t required. However, if it’s put on public land such as a roadway or pavement, the skip supplier requests a permit for you from the local authorities.

Acceptable Waste Items

After the project is completed, the skip hire service transports the waste to a recycling facility. It then goes through a process to identify and remove recyclable materials. Items not suitable to be recycled are taken to a landfill. There are certain hazardous waste items that can’t be thrown into the skip under any circumstances. Check with your skip hire service for more details.