Your Options for Lead Testing Upper Arlington OH

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Deciding to have lead testing Upper Arlington OH for your home is a wise decision. This may cost you a few dollars but spare you and your family a lifetime of health problems. Lead testing is especially important for homes that have young children or pregnant women. These two groups of people are especially vulnerable to the effects of lead poisoning.

There are two main options for lead testing Upper Arlington OH. The first is using an accredited laboratory to carry out an analysis on a sample of soil or paint chips. You will get your results within 48 hours using this method and it will not cost you more than $50. The second is using an inspector who will visit your home and collect samples for testing.

The success of this first method of testing your home for lead is largely dependent on your ability to take a good sample to the lab for testing. The lab analysts will not come to your home to carry out tests. It is a voluntary test that will require that you take the samples to the lab. You will therefore have to learn how to take a good sample that will allow for accurate results.

There are two samples that can be taken for lead testing. The first is soil. This is important for homes near freeways or busy motorways. The lead in the exhaust fumes of vehicles may settle and accumulate in the soil thereby contaminating it.

Taking a sample of soil is easy. You can use a clean towel or large clean spoon. Scoop up the soil from the top layer doing your best to avoid the plants and other debris that may have accumulated on top of the soil. Only the top one inch of the soil is needed for the test. Scoop up about a half cup of soil. Place the soil in a plastic sandwich bag and seal it. Label the soil sample indicating the area it was taken from. This sample is now ready to be taken to the laboratory for lead testing Upper Arlington OH.

The second sample that can be taken for lead testing is a paint chip. You will need a clean sandwich bag and something to scrap the paint from your wall. Tape the bag below the area that you will be scraping and scrap the paint into the sandwich bag with the sharp object. Ensure that you scrape all the layers of paint into the bag. Ensure that you do not cause the formation of dust while scraping. A small sample is adequate for the test. Seal the bag and place a label on it just as you did for the soil sample indicating the area where the sample was taken from.