Your Oklahoma City Realtor Can Help You Choose Between the Two Homes You Adore

Construction and Maintenance

House hunting is rite of passage for many people and it can be especially frustrating when you fall in love with two homes and can see yourself living in both of them. Making a final decision and presenting an offer should be made logically, based on attributes and not emotions. Your Oklahoma City realtor can assist you in making the right choice for your family and lifestyle by assessing your needs and budget as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each home.

Neighborhood Appeal

Drive around the prospective neighborhoods at different times of day as well as different times of the week. Make observations about activities and noise. Are the homes close to necessary amenities like schools, grocery stores, banks, churches and other services? What about the homes and streets? Are they well-maintained in the neighborhood? How would the commute be to and from work?

Crime Rate

Your Oklahoma City realtor can pull reports on the area crime rate as well as suggest visiting the local police department to inquire about it. Perhaps one neighborhood has a slightly higher incidences than the other which could help with choosing a home.


If you have children that will be attending public school, knowing the reputation of the neighborhood schools is important. You can find out general information online like district performance and test scores. A visit to tour the schools should be arranged as well with the principal or other school official.

Property Appreciation

Your realtor in Oklahoma City can pull reports on home sales in the neighborhoods you are considering. If one area shows more growth than another in terms of sales and property value, you just might have found your defining factor on which home to make an offer.

What about the Sellers?

Sometimes, the situation of the home seller can play a role in choosing which house to purchase.  The longer a home has been on the market, the more likely the sellers are open to accepting an offer lower than their asking price. Another opportune buying moment is if the seller is motivated by divorce, job relocation or another life event. Sometimes, they simply want a fair offer so that their home can sell quickly. You just might be in the right place at the right time for one of the homes you are torn about.

Of course, your Oklahoma City realtor will also tell you to make a list of the drawbacks of each home. Sometimes, you have to dwell a bit on how each drawback could negatively impact your experience in living in the home. Once you have done your due diligence and weighed each factor carefully, hopefully one home will be the clear winner in your mind so you can make an offer. Of course, the other home is always a good back-up plan if the first deal doesn’t work out!