Words of Wisdom for your Daughter’s Sweet Sixteen Party

by | Jun 4, 2014 | Hotels And Motels

There is something about coming of age that can change a child into a wanna be adult if they haven’t already reached that point. When you are planning your daughter’s sweet sixteen party you want to be sure you are on the ball and ready to face some of the harsher realities dealing with teen perceptions and behavior. Once you choose from the Party Venues Long Island families prefer for their sweet sixteen celebrations make sure you have considered all of the potential issues that may arise when hosting a teen party.


You will of course be choosing one of the respectable party venues Long Island has to offer but that doesn’t mean you won’t run into issues with drinking. Be sure your venue understands this is a sweet sixteen party and therefore alcohol will not be served. This unfortunately might not be enough of a precaution. Keep a keen eye on the goings on and be sure you do not see any odd or ridiculous behavior that might indicate someone has snuck in alcohol or drugs. Be hyper sensitive to how kids will be getting home and consider budgeting in limos or cabs or in the least have a “parents must pick you up” policy to avoid the chance of drinking and driving.


We all know that no matter how innocent our kids and their friends might seem there is no fighting against those raging hormones. Make sure you have a good lay of the land for the party venues in Long Island and choose one that is respectable and doesn’t offer too many opportunities for young couples to sneak off for some hanky panky. Keep track of where everyone is and discourage kids from going off on their own if you see them wandering away without an escort. Kids are still minors and you are ultimately responsible for them. Recruit some chaperones such as other moms, aunts or older siblings to help keep watch on things for you.

This last warning if for you: Make sure you are being realistic about your budget and work out everything ahead of time with your venue. Come up with the best possible menu, the most affordable way to keep everyone happy and well fed and avoid any add on fees that you might face if you are too loosey goosy with your plans.

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