Window Cleaning: Outsourcing Difficulty and Discomfort

Construction and Maintenance

Spring cleaning is a grand tradition. It focuses us to do many of the cleaning projects we should do more regularly but often avoid because they’re unpleasant. The winter is a logical time to clean inside, but we tend to not want to. Even in the relatively warm Austin there’s something about the cold and dark of winter that activates every nesting instinct, and evokes our laziest nature. That and we spend time decorating for Christmas, removing the Christmas stuff, then putting up non Christmas winter decorations. In Austin it’s not the case, but in other places you have to deal with shoveling and other winter chores. So no one has the energy, time or desire to do something like re-sorting their closet. Window cleaning though is one of those tasks you need to wait till it’s warmer to do. However it can require a professional hand.

Where window cleaning most obviously requires professional assistance is on the commercial lots and buildings around Austin. You need people with the technical skills and resources to reach the high windows, and sometimes those windows don’t open by design. However, even on a house there’s a big advantage to having professionals handle the window cleaning. If you can’t easily get to the whole window from the inside (and it’s tricky) you’re going to have to get up on a ladder and try to clean from the outside. Cleaning, in fact doing anything, on a ladder is not fun. And if you’re trying to do it without help you might kill yourself. That’s not an exaggeration; people do suffer real and serious injuries falling from ladders while attempting household chores. Sometimes people even die.

When you hire professional window cleaners it means you can outsource the unpleasant task to people who know what they’re doing. When it comes to cleaning window cleaning requires its own skill sets but no knowledge of the house. It’d be hard to hand over your other spring projects to people if they don’t know where things belong, or where you keep things, you might end up spending too much energy instructing and guiding them. Window cleaning requires the skills of balance on a ladder and the specifics of cleaning windows. It doesn’t require them to know your preference for clean windows. So think of it this way, would you rather pay a bit of money, or spend a few days working at heights and awkward angles trying to clean your windows? For commercial buildings around Austin it’s not even a question, no building supervisor is going to climb up a ladder to clean a window, or even try it from the inside. For a homeowner it’s a bit of a question, but depending on the circumstances one of the two answers might be a given.

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